Free Interior Design Portfolio Template Designs to Start Creating Right Away

Creating an interior design portfolio can be a breeze with the use of templates. We brought you 5 free templates that you will love. Check them out!

Keeping up with the trends is a must for every interior designer. And lately, it’s been crucially important to be visible online. Now, you may think that creating a website is something that you would never manage on your own, but in fact, we know you can. You just need the right tool.

We brought you 5 stunning interior design portfolio templates for free that you can use right away. So, whether your aim is to get accepted to college, to get more clients, or to be hired for your dream job, these templates are perfect for you.

And if you still think that creating a website requires you to hire developers, or even to learn to code, give Archifolio a try and see it for yourself.

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Interior design portfolio templates to use right away

Templates can save you an incredible amount of time and effort when creating your portfolio. So, without further ado, here are some amazing templates that you can use right away.

Agora – interior design portfolio template by Archifolio

Agora - interior design portfolio template
Create your site with Agora

An elegant template to highlight your work.

Palazzo – interior design portfolio template by Archifolio

Palazzo - interior design portfolio template
Create your site with Palazzo

A refined canvas for your compelling designs.

Cubic – interior design portfolio template by Archifolio

Cubic - interior design portfolio template by Archifolio
Create your site with Cubic

Showcase your work fair and square with Cubic.

Chapter – interior design portfolio template by Archifolio

Chapter - interior design portfolio template
Create your site with Chapter

A bold design to accompany a stunning visual story.

Museum – interior design portfolio template by Archifolio

Museum - interior design portfolio template
Create your site with Museum

For the classic feel of grand images on a modern site.

Why do you need an interior design portfolio website?

A portfolio – as a professional compilation of your work – is needed throughout your interior design career. You need one to get into a college or a course, to land your first internship and jobs, and to get clients if you want to do freelance work. 

There are different types of interior design portfolios, but a portfolio website is the most practical and impressive option. Here’s why:

It’s easy to update

If you’ve ever created a portfolio, you know how fast they become outdated. You have a new project or learn a new skill and you want to include it right away. Luckily, with an Archifolio portfolio website, that will only take you minutes, if not seconds.

Plus, do you know the feeling when you send an email with your application and you find a typo just as you clicked “send”? No worries. You can edit your portfolio anytime you want, so even before your future employer sees it.

It looks and feels professional

With a professional portfolio builder tool, like Archifolio, you can have a short and memorable domain name and URL slug as well. Something like: or However, if you opt for a PDF portfolio and upload it to a portfolio hosting website, you may have to apply for a job with a link like this one:

It doesn’t look too professional, right? 

Pro tip: Place your website link in your email signature, LinkedIn and other social media profiles, and your business card as well. It will look extremely professional.

It’s easy to share

Many email servers have a file size limit. This can be a huge disadvantage for those who’d like to send a good-quality PDF portfolio. However, a portfolio website will allow you to include great quality images without having to worry about file size.

It’s easy to create

We saved the best for last: It’s super easy and convenient to create your own portfolio website thanks to Archifolio. With this tool, you can create a stunning website in a matter of minutes, without having to code or hire a web designer.

And you know what the best part is? You can try it out completely for free. Sign up and create your interior design portfolio quickly and easily.

Build your portfolio website in no time with Archifolio

How to use an interior design portfolio template to create a website?

Creating a portfolio website doesn’t need to be a long and difficult process. We’ll walk you through it in only 3 steps:

Step 1 – Choose the right tool

With the right tool creating a portfolio website can be quick, easy, and even fun. Here’s why Archifolio is the best choice for you:

  • What you see in the editor is what you’ll get on your live site,
  • You can easily structure and reorder your content thanks to the sections,
  • The site loads super quickly,
  • Absolutely no need for coding skills,
  • You can get your own domain (think,
  • Built-in guide to creating project pages according to industry best practices, 
  • Writing prompts to help with the written content,
  • Loads of examples and guides on the Archifolio blog,
  • Updating your portfolio is a breeze,
  • You can choose from templates that were specifically created for you, and
  • It’s completely free to try out and start building.
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Step 2 – Pick a template to start

We know that as a designer, you have the eye for creating beautiful layouts. However, there are many more things to consider when designing a webpage. Therefore, an interior design portfolio template can be a huge help in creating your site.

Don’t forget, that you’ll be able to make the template your own. So, choose a template that has a basic structure that fits your content. You can easily change up the colors and fonts later on.

Step 3 – Fill it up with content

If you have everything set up, then your images and texts are next. 

  1. Start with your home page, where you can add your name and a short introduction. 
  2. Then add your project pages. You can do this on your home page, and create thumbnails for your projects right away. On your project page add a title, some important information (budget, size, and type of project), and your images.
  3. Lastly, set up the functional pages, like your About and/or Contact page, where you introduce yourself in more detail and give the opportunity to get in touch with you. 

And there you have it: your impressive portfolio that is ready to get you hired. This step-by-step guide didn’t seem too bad, right?

By choosing Archifolio you could have an amazing interior design portfolio website in 30 minutes. 

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Frequently asked questions about portfolios & templates

How long should an interior design portfolio be?

This depends on your seniority. As you advance in your career, you’ll have more and more projects to showcase. As a general rule of thumb, aim for a minimum of 5 projects and don’t include more than 10.

What should you do if you don’t have enough projects yet?

There are numerous ways to create more projects for your portfolio. Here are a couple:

  • Touch up old school projects to make them portfolio-material,
  • Remodel a part of your own home and document every step of the way,
  • Offer your services to family and friends for free, and
  • Create plans for random blueprints you can find online.

What to include in an interior design portfolio?

Basically include everything that can show your audience your design process.

These can include

  • Basic information about the project (in bullet points),
  • Early sketches,
  • Client brief,
  • Inspiration/Moodboards,
  • Floor plans, furniture layouts, space planning,
  • Wall elevations,
  • Construction documentation,
  • 3D renderings, and
  • Photos of the end result.

What’s more, as a student or fresh graduate, extracurricular works are also appreciated. Given that you are enthusiastic about photography, furniture design, or any other creative field, show it in your interior design student portfolio.

What makes a good interior design portfolio template?

Here’s a handy little checklist to help you find a template that you’ll love:

  • Customizable, 
  • Easy to use,
  • Effortless to update,
  • Has a good amount of whitespace,
  • Is in line with your design aesthetic, and
  • Has a good image-text ratio.

If you are looking for free interior design portfolio templates that check all of these boxes, you could not be in better hands. Sign up to Archifolio and see it for yourself.

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