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What Makes A Good Interior Design Website?
1. It fulfills its purpose
2. It loads fast
3. It’s easy to navigate
4. It’s regularly updated
5. It looks good on any device
6. It’s authentic
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25 of the Best Interior Design Websites & How Yours Can Be Among Them

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Fanni Szalkai

Online portfolios have taken over in all fields, and interior design is no exception. In order to stay up-to-date and discoverable, you need a platform that’s readily available for your potential clients or employers at all times.

Today we bring you a list of the best interior design websites that will make you inspired to start working on yours. Plus, after listing all of our favorite examples, we dive deep into what makes them so amazing and how you can make an even better one.

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25 of The Best Interior Design Websites

1. Natalya Pukhova

This portfolio was created with Archifolio's Museum template

Natalya created a portfolio website that perfectly encapsulates her artistic skills, her design vision and her experience. This talented interior designer managed to create a welcoming vibe on her website with her professional images and stunning projects.

2. Morgan Fults

This portfolio was created with Archifolio's Agora template.

Morgan's portfolio is dynamic and professional. Her beige color palette goes perfectly with her images. She starts with a full-width image of one of the kitchens she designed, which is the perfect way to make an amazing first impression.

She's also included some of her custom art pieces. This showcases her multidisciplinary knowledge and creativity.

3. Fiona Anthony

This portfolio was created with Archifolio's Agora template

Fiona managed to create a portfolio that conveys her originality and personality perfectly. Her out-of-the-box thinking shines through her pages with her stunning projects. She created large project cover thumbnails on her home page, that gets her audience right through to her captivating project images.

4. Kelsey Heims

This interior design student portfolio was created with Archifolio’s Agora template.

Kelsey’s elegantly delightful portfolio brings her to this list of the best interior design websites. Her drawing and photography skills are making her stand out from the crowd of interior design students. Awesome job, Kelsey!

5. Tina Ramchandani

Tina Ramchandani's website

Tina Ramchandani’s website perfectly captures her design philosophy, Soulful Minimalism®. Nothing more or less than what you need on one of the best interior design websites, but with endless liveliness and harmony.

6. Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Mackenzie Collier's interior design site

The youthful vibe on Mackenzie Collier’s interior design website is here to make your creative juices flowing! And we’re sure that her clients feel the same way.

7. Blythe Interiors

Website of Blythe Interiors

Blythe Interiors has a bright and inviting website with stunning imagery, clear navigation and well-placed call-to-action buttons.

8. Amanda Katherine

Amanda Katherine's interior design website

Amanda’s portfolio website represents that she’ll go above and beyond for her clients’ projects. Her matchless design has the perfect platform to shine.

9. Wilson Architects

Wilson Architects' website

The disciplined yet creative design shown on Wilson Architects’ website brings a sense of trustworthiness and authority to their website.

10. Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Jessica Helgerson's website

This Portland-based design firm earned to be on this list of the best interior design websites with their breathtaking imagery and great project categorization.

11. Studio Bramble

Studio Bramble interior design website

Studio Bramble managed to create a minimally designed but welcoming space on their interior design website.

12. Fluent Design

Fluent design's portfolio website

Fluent Design’s superb site makes contacting them effortless on their homepage. This allows users to get in touch easily and quickly.

13. Neotecture

Neotecture's website

Neotecture puts their vision of transparency right to the forefront of their website. It builds a great first impression and clients are more likely to contact them.

14. Aspect

Interior design website of Aspect

Aspect’s dusty rose color palette invites us to see more. And their professional product pictures do not disappoint.

15. Rachael Harder

This site was created with Archifolio's Agora interior design portfolio template

Rachael has many stunning projects that she showcases on her interior design website. She presents her software skills in a very unique and effective way: through her project cover thumbnail images. Her projects are complete with moodboards, sketches and the final renders, which make her design process clear for her audience.

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16. Avery Cox Design

Interior design website by Avery Cox Design

This Texas-based design firm greets us with a welcome screen before we step into their home page. We love that they included a “Coming soon” section in their portfolio giving a sneak peek into their projects in progress.

17. Rariden Schumacher Mio

A website with a dark background and light interior design photographs

This site’s subtle elegance represents this Michigan-based interior design firm’s vision perfectly. Plus, including their philosophy in their navigation is a nice touch.

18. West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Website of WC Architects and Interior designers

The creativity of this architecture and interior design firm can be immediately seen by the numerous project pictures they’ve added to their home page. Images are what convince clients, so giving them the right amount of emphasis is key.

19. Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau's website

This list of the best interior design websites couldn’t be complete without Amy Lau’s stunning portfolio where her warm, artistic approach takes the lead.

20. HKS

HKS's interior design website

This innovative design firm brought playfulness into their website while preserving their authority and the clients’ trust.

21. Pfuner Design

Interior design website of Pfuner Design

Pfuner Design managed to create a sense of luxury on their website. In addition, with easy access to contact information and a section dedicated to client testimonials, the visitors are encouraged to get in touch.

22. Grant Design Group

Grant Design Groups's portfolio

GDG positions themselves as experienced professionals who are ready to dive into your new luxury project. And their website suggests nothing less.

23. Hart Howerton

Interior design website by Hart Howerton

So much design inspiration! The interior design website by Hart Howerton is one that showcases the importance of high-quality images and inspiring design solutions.

24. One of the best interior design websites by Old Brand New

Old Brand New interior design website

What a boost of color and inspiration! Old Brand New managed to create a playful site with helpful content that you just can’t stop reading.

25. Abel Design Group

Abel Design Group's interior design website

Abel Design Group took their target audience’s needs into consideration. They list their services with some stunning imagery that will please the management of bigger corporations instantly.

What Makes A Good Interior Design Website?

Now that we’ve looked at some stunning interior design website examples, it’s time to see what you can do so yours turns out even better. Let’s look at what makes the best interior design websites the best!

1. It fulfills its purpose

Before anything else, think about why you need a website.

  • Is it to send it in as your interior design portfolio to land your dream job? 
  • Do you need it to get exposure and position yourself as a professional?
  • Or perhaps you’d like to get new clients with it?

No matter what your answer may be, you need to consider who will visit your website and what they’ll be looking for. Then, once you’ve identified what your audience will be most interested in, you can go ahead and build a site that resonates with your audience and showcases your interior design skills.

2. It loads fast

The best interior design websites have one thing in common: they are blazing fast.

Visuals (photographs, plans, sketches) are extremely important in our field, and therefore, your website will (and should) have heaps of images. And that has a huge impact on the site’s loading speed.

But why is loading time so important?

  • Your audience will see an empty site until your images load and therefore, they will most likely leave before they even see your work.
  • A fast website’s user experience is much better, thus people will stay longer on your site. This means more opportunity to reach your goals with your website.
  • It brings you more exposure. Google and other search engines take the loading speed into consideration when they are indexing your site. Thus, better page speed helps you rank higher on the results page.

What can you do to make your site faster?

The short answer is to compress your images and to choose a reliable website builder, like Archifolio.

The long answer:

Visual content takes the most time to load, so make sure to compress each of your images and if possible, use an image format, such as WEBP instead of PNG. And good news, Archifolio does that for you automatically.

However, the code behind your site is what affects your loading time the most. Unless you’re a skilled developer, you’ll most likely have a hard time finding all the technical settings that page speed optimization entails. And we get it!

Therefore, it’s a good idea to leave it to the pros and save time by skipping these dull tasks. You can do that by using a trusted website builder, such as Archifolio.

We created it with architects and interior designers in mind to take a load off your shoulders. By choosing Archifolio, you’ll end up with a site that loads fast, without having to code a single line.

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3. It’s easy to navigate

Have you ever visited a website where you just couldn’t find what you were looking for? It’s frustrating. Don’t put your audience through this!

Instead make it clear where they need to go for certain pieces of information. Don’t overcrowd your website’s navigation bar, have a maximum of three items in your menu.

4. It’s regularly updated

It’s crucial to keep your interior design portfolio website relevant at all times. As you progress in your career, your website should develop too. So make sure that you update it frequently.

5. It looks good on any device

Nowadays having a website that can only be viewed on desktop is like not having one at all.

Therefore choose a website builder that makes your website responsive by default. Because you don’t want to be left to your own devices (pun intended) and create every page twice from scratch. It’s a waste of time.

Instead, build your website with Archifolio. You’ll end up with a responsive and stunning-looking site that you can be proud of.

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6. It’s authentic

Overall, the main purpose of your website is to introduce you to the world. And so you can have the perfect design elements, the most on-point visuals and a blazing fast site, if it isn’t authentic to you, it’s not worth making it.

So show how original you are with your raw sketches, your design process and your personality. We know that you’re awesome, so show it to the world too!

So there you have it. 25 stunning examples of the best interior design websites plus 6 tips to create your stunning online portfolio.

Ready to dive in? Check out Archifolio, the website builder created for you. No coding, no dull tasks, just your creativity and your stunning projects.

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